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The TSPi Ascend webinar series provides a public forum on designing and implementing secure Federal IT solutions that improve efficiency, increase performance, and achieve customer success. We bring together expert panelists from government agencies and leading consulting companies to discuss the challenges and successes in topics such as large-scale Agile IT modernization, IT product management, cloud-based low code platform software development, and DevSecOps.

Latest Event

Teaming for Successful Product Management
in the Federal Government

Led by moderator Adam Kaplan (TSPi), our program offered insight into unique challenges and paths to success in Federal Product Management from experts Audrey Boydston (Scaled Agile, Inc.), Nina Chavez (TSPi), and Jennifer Zwicke (USDA)


Strategies for Collaboration and Communication 

Roles and Skillsets

Empowering Decision Making at Different Levels of the Organization 

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