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Ascend Webinar: Moving Beyond the ART in Government

Thank you to our Panelists

Thank you to the panelists and participants at our “Moving Beyond the ART in Government” webinar on 4/27!

This program is designed for federal agency IT staff and federal partners/contractors at the program to portfolio management level. We especially welcome those involved in the investment funding, contracting, and program execution for complex software delivery, including:

Federal Employees:

  • IRB members or C-suite involved in funding IT programs
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Contracting Officers (COs) and Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs)
  • IT leaders (e.g. Governance, Software Delivery, Cybersecurity)

Federal Partners/Contractors:

  • Delivery Executives
  • Program/Project Managers
  • RTEs/Delivery Managers
Ascend Moving Beyond ART


Adam Kaplan

Adam Kaplan

Moderator // Director, TSPI

Deema Dajani

Deema Dajani

Partner and Enterprise Advisor, Scaled Agile INc

George Cleek

George Cleek IV

Vice President, USDA Portfolio, Scaled Agile Practice, and Pega Implementation, TSPi

Huntley Parker

Lean Agile Coach, SAIC

Jake Zebell

Jake Zebel

Conservation section Chief, USDA


  • Promoting multi-vendor & Federal collaboration in a SAFe context
  • Moving from project to product management with FITARA and CPIC guidelines to fund and oversee value stream-based initiatives
  • Evolving traditional organizational structures and processes using Lean Portfolio Management and SAFe implementation

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