The ability to protect computer networks, digital assets and information, and critical infrastructure are among the highest priorities for national security, homeland defense, and commercial transactions. TSPi’s solution sets, aligned with our key strategic partners, are specifically focused to provide to provide an integrated security approach that includes, but is not limited to, network vulnerability assessments, application assessments, host assessments, wireless network assessments, secure network design, Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM), cyber forensics and security education and awareness training courses. This integrated approach gives us the ability to provide effective solutions and services to address the issues associated with each of the three key elements of the National Cyber Strategy:

  • To establish a front line of defense against today’s immediate threats by creating or enhancing shared situational awareness of network vulnerabilities, threats, and events within the Federal Government and, ultimately, with state, local, and tribal governments and private sector partners, and the ability to act quickly to reduce current vulnerabilities and prevent intrusions.
  • To defend against the full spectrum of threats by enhancing U.S. counterintelligence capabilities and increasing the security of the supply chain for key information technologies.
  • To strengthen the future of cyber security environment by expanding cyber education; coordinating and redirecting research and development efforts across the Federal Government; and working to define and develop strategies to deter hostile or malicious activity in cyberspace.

TSPi and our cyber business partners have the staff with the leading cyber security certifications, software, hardware, and facilities resources to support a full spectrum of information security services. We maintain working relationships and partnerships with many major software and hardware vendors, as well as leading edge niche providers in the security industry. This high level of versatility enables us to provide independent and unbiased advice regarding information systems design, development, and integration. TSPi is poised to evaluate, recommend, and deliver cyber security solutions in a variety of software and hardware environments, including data centers

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