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Visual Field Digitization

Update Your Legacy HFA with Digital Exports via the Network.


Avoid the Frustration

With over 10 years’ experience developing Ophthalmic image management systems we know firsthand the challenge of integrating legacy HFA devices, which have no networking capabilities, into modern technology can be a frustrating and manual process. Who wants to deal with mediocre solutions that require bulky hardware, extra software and a dedicated PC?

MicroDOT is a comprehensive and complete solution, in a compact package that takes the hassle out of sending your legacy HFA data into your preferred systems, such as an EMR.

Extend the Life of Your HFA

MicroDOT adds a 100% digital export capability to any HFA device, including the following non “i” models: 720, 730, 740, 745 & 750. There is no scanning involved and the results are crystal clear.

STOP wasting money on printing physical copies and connect your legacy HFA to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi today!

Image and Text Output

Choose which format you want to export your reports to, JPEG, PDF or TIFF. Additionally, portions of the report header, such as name, date of birth, patient ID and report type are automatically extracted and can be exported out via XML or the CZM-HFA XML format that “i” model HFA’s currently export.

As an optional module, you can combine image and text into DICOM. DICOM is a standardized medical file format which allows for easy integration with many image management and EMR/EHR systems.