Technology Solutions Provider, Inc.


TSPi’s MicroCloud Environment as a Service (EaaS) hosting provides a professionally managed environment for software applications which combines the performance of a local server with the reliability and flexibility of the Cloud, all for one low monthly rate. High availability and disaster recovery for your EHR has never been so easy!

MicroCloud EaaS Benefits

TrueCare Managed Service: TSPi’s proactive remote monitoring and management of your MicroCloud platform lets you focus on your business without worrying about server support, maintenance or backups.

High Availability: Virtualization, in conjunction with hardware redundancy from dual servers, and automated backups protects you against any single point of hardware failure to keep your office running smoothly.

Disaster Recovery: Cloud-based backup ensures complete recovery from office-wide disasters such as fire or flood.

Flexible: Purchase new servers with the help of our IT experts or utilize the existing servers that you already have. The MicroCloud software will run on either.

Scalability: MicroCloud is utilizes virtualization, which means that your application is independent of the underlying server hardware. As your needs grow, MicroCloud can be seamlessly scaled to meet those demands.