Technology Solutions Provider, Inc.

Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) Conservation Software Delivery Services

This BPA (known as “Elm”) supports FPAC Information Solutions Division’s (ISD) Conservation Branch and all conservation business owners they serve to deliver efficient and effective systems, applications, and software for FPAC to generate, manage, and share data, technology, and standards that enable partners and policymakers to make decisions informed by objective and reliable science. 

The scope of this effort includes the following information technology (IT) support services: development, modernization, enhancements, and maintenance of information systems, software applications, web services, and databases. IT support services directly or indirectly support: conservation planning, conservation financial assistance, conservation practice standards, conservation practices design and implementation, providing information and tools to internal and external users, monitoring and reporting outcomes of conservation implementation, natural resource data collection and delivery, and emergency watershed protection.

Contract Contact

George Cleek

George W. Cleek IV

Program Manager
(877) 455-8774
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