The Case for Virtualization and Consolidation

  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Enhanced Computing Performance
  • Improved Data Center Space
  • Virtualization

Although hardware performance has improved dramatically, many machines operate at just a fraction of their capacity. This wastes valuable space, not to mention the drain on your administration and resources. Virtualization lets you run many operating systems at the same time on a single computer. With your operating system and applications installed on a virtual machine, you gain hardware independence – no worries about compatibility, upgrade cycles, or maintaining older hardware. With an easy-to-copy standard platform on the virtual machine, you’ll find much easier deployment of hardware. Perhaps the best advantage is more efficient hardware utilization – your unused computing resources can be consolidated, regardless of the operating system or its age.

The benefits here are twofold: consolidation of storage, and consolidation of servers. You have to store, protect, and make accessible a forever-growing amount of information. Uncoupling storage from servers and placing them on a separate network means you can share storage for provisioning as needed. The days of separate servers for different applications are over – agile organizations today house multiple applications across fewer, consolidated servers.
TSPi has helped government agencies realize the benefits of these two IT strategies, and we’re proficient with the tools and technologies that make it all possible.

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