Efficient use of IT infrastructure is the goal of all organizations. Compliance with mandates like the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) requires agencies to:

  • Develop and report on their data center strategies;
  • Transition to more efficient infrastructure, such as cloud services and inter-agency shared services;
  • Leverage technology advancements to optimize infrastructure; and
  • Provide quality services for the public good.

Automating your IT infrastructure management makes your organization more agile, flexible, and efficient. The right solution will automate the mundane day-to-day operations, increase consistency, reduce errors, and free up your staff to focus on more strategic efforts. Your infrastructure will be visible all the way to the software configuration level, and you can quickly rebuild your data center from the ground up or migrate workloads to the cloud. By using best practices for change and configuration management – and standardizing builds and configurations during deployment – your IT organization will benefit from drastically increased availability and optimized use of your infrastructure.

In addition to automation, TSPI has extensive knowledge and experience in IT infrastructure design, deployment, and operations including on-premise datacenters, hybrid cloud integration, and complete cloud implementation. TSPi has helped government agencies realize the benefits of efficient infrastructure design and operations including automation, and we’re proficient with the tools and technologies that make it all possible.

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